The most important part of selling your current property and, likewise, for shopping for your home  lies in the quality of the questions you ask. With more than 20 years in the real estate industry, first from the new developments side from 1993 to 2006, then on the Brokerage side since 2006, my experience and knowledge, I believe, is your  trusted and respected resource for any real estate needs you'll have.  As a Seller, you’re leaving a community, not just your home.  As a Buyer, you're getting a new, relatively unknown community.   You'll need to be aware of what all of this means for you.  You'll want to avoid any seller's, or  buyer’s remorse, especially if you're a first-timer.  Contact me to find out (no obligation....really!) what you need to ask and know before committing to that  sale, or that prospective new property.  Selling and buying property is like partnering, or marriage - You don't just partner with your significant other....you usually get much of their family in  the mix.  Same holds true for a property.  You don't just sell your home - your ending a relationship, perhaps even an era with your home and your community.  You don't just buy the property - you buy the neighborhood, you start the next phase of your life.  Hey...not much replaces EXPERIENCE.  I'd love to help be your trustful resource and guide!  

Barbara De Angelis

Sales Representative

Main Street Realty Ltd.

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